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Is it the truth or just a myth? Some interesting divorce facts.

MYTH:  My spouse has committed adultery so I must be entitled to a larger financial settlement? No, you would not be entitled to a larger financial settlement.  The court will only take conduct into consideration if that conduct was such that it would be, in the...

Christmas and Child Contact Arrangements

  Christmas is traditionally a time for families to come together.  However, for parents who are separating or divorcing, Christmas can be a tough time. For most parents Christmas is all about pleasing their children by making sure their children have a lovely...

Clean break orders and what they mean

            The terminology ‘a clean break’ means that parties to a marriage/civil partnership will have no financial ties against each other once the order has been approved by a judge and once a decree absolute has been pronounced. When...

Internal relocation within the UK and the case law

            If a parent wishes to move from one location within the United Kingdom to another and the other parent objects, you can apply to the court for a prohibited steps order or a specific issue order. This happened in a recent case...

The New Stamp Duty Consultation 2016

            As from 1 April 2016 the Government are increasing Stamp Duty Land Tax for homeowners who intend to purchase more than one property. So what does this mean for you? The increased rate of stamp duty will apply on property...

Thinking of moving abroad with your child?

            If you are considering going abroad to live with a child but you are separated or divorced from the other parent with Parental Responsibility, then unless you have a Child Arrangement Order (Residence Order) allowing you to...


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