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Family Mediation

Family Mediation

Mediation is a key aspect of family law and can be used to assist separating or divorcing couples in resolving outstanding issues. Such issues may be in relation to the division of assets or child arrangements. Our family mediation service is led by an impartial mediator whose main aim is to help parties reach acceptable solutions. Mediators do not make judgements and will listen to both points of view.

Mediators will not advise either party but can provide information in relation to the law, so informed decisions can be made. Please note that family mediation cannot go ahead unless both parties give their consent.


The role of a mediator

  • Will listen to both points of view
  • Be completely impartial
  • Encourage you to take into account all family member’s feelings
  • Will not advise either party but can provide information in relation to the law so informed decisions can be made
  • Help consider if proposals will work in practice

The mediation process

Individual sessions will first be held with each individual participant. This enables the mediator to discuss the process and assess suitability for mediation.

Couples will then be invited to attend one or more joint sessions in a neutral environment with a trained mediator. The aim of the sessions is to identify issues which the mediator will encourage parties to resolve or consider potential solutions for. 

Before the sessions commence all parties are asked to provide relevant personal information and in certain circumstances financial disclosure to the mediator.

Benefits of our mediation service

  • Helps you reach and make your own arrangements about parenting, property and money
  • Should be less stressful than going to court and it is on your own terms
  • Is more cost effective than being represented throughout a court process
  • Helps you put your child’s interests and wellbeing first
  • Helps you move on quickly to the next stage of your life

What does mediation cost?

Here at AWD Law, we offer an initial Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting or ‘MIAM’ which couples can attend individually to see if mediation is the right route to take.

In this meeting we will explain the basis of our charges and how these can be met. Mediation is likely to be more cost effective than going through a court process, even if individuals instruct solicitors as well. 


Even if mediation is not appropriate, in most cases the Family Court will require parties to have attended at least a MIAM before making any applications to the court. 


We understand that separating or divorcing can be a very stressful time. Here at AWD Law, we endeavour to work with couples to reach long-term solutions. For more information on mediation, please contact Oi-yuyn Wong or Helen Clarkson on 01329 232314 or info@awdlaw.co.uk


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