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Moving House Checklist

Moving House Checklist

There will be a number of things which you need to consider when moving home. The whole process of moving can be stressful, therefore, we have created a checklist of things to consider when moving house.

6 Weeks before you move

  • Obtain quotes from several removal firms, if you are not using a removal firm, ask your friends. N.B. but do not pay any balancing fee until exchange of contracts! You can obtain a list of approved removers from the British Association of Removers http://www.bar.co.uk/
  • Check your home insurance as you need cover from the day you move into your new home
  • Make sure your possessions are fully insured whilst in transit whether through your own insurer or the removal company’s
  • Order boxes, labels and packing material
  • De-clutter any unwanted items by either selling them at a car boot sale or donating to charity
  • Clear out your shed/garage/attic and pack any items which are not in use
  • Book temporary storage where necessary

2 to 3 Weeks before you move/upon Exchange of Contracts

  • Notify relevant utility companies of your departure
  • Order any new furniture now such as carpets and arrange for delivery
  • Notify utility companies that you are moving
  • Notify DVLA as you will be required to change the address on your driving licence
  • Notify your dentist and doctor. If you are moving out of your doctor’s surgery catchment area, details can be found on the NHS Website on how to find another dentist or doctor http://www.nhs.uk/Pages/HomePage.aspx
  • Check your home insurance to make sure you are definitely covered
  • Start packing non essential items to save time
  • Change the address of your TV licence, this can be done online http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/
  • Arrange at the post office for your mail to be redirected
  • Notify friends and family of your new address

1 Week before you move

  • Make arrangements for someone to look after your children and pets
  • If you have pets which are micro-chipped, make sure you notify your vet of your change of address https://www.petlog.org.uk/
  • Inform other authorities such as banks, employers, schools, local council
  • Double check with your removal firm that they have all the correct details about your move, in particular, make sure they have the correct date and address
  • Make sure you round up all important documents such as birth certificates, passports, etc and keep these in a safe place. Preferably, make sure important documents travel with you direct.
  • Start to think about using up items in your freezer and to defrost the fridge
  • Think about who may have a spare key to your house, start to collect spare keys as your estate agent will require them
  • Cancel newspaper subscriptions and any regular delivery orders (milk, etc)

Getting closer……..2 to 3 days before your move

  • Pack valuables and important documents (passport, birth certificates, etc) in a safe place to keep with you
  • Make arrangements to change the locks at your new place
  • Consider writing out a small user manual for your new purchasers such as how to work heater, etc.

Shop for equipment which you will need perhaps before the removal van turns up:-

  • Cleaning materials
  • Toilet rolls
  • Medication
  • Snacks
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Enough cash to cover unforeseen expenses – perhaps lunch or dinner

Move day!

  • Arrange a time to collect the keys for your new home from the estate agent
  • Label all existing keys for your existing property
  • Take details of meter readings and the last telephone call made (time and number)
  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked and that your property is secure
  • If you have any pets, make sure they are with you!

Now breathe!!!……….

Why not print off AWD Law’s Moving House Checklist

AWD Law’s Moving House Checklist

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